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What types of marijuana edibles are there?

For those who have not used them before, an edible is a type of marijuana product that a person consumes. They do not have to smoke it, as has traditionally been done with marijuana. They simply eat it and then the THC distillate within the edible makes its way to their bloodstream.

This has become very popular in states where marijuana has been legalized. Many people are interested in the effects but are not interested in taking up smoking. The market for edibles has expanded. But what types should you see dispensaries?

Examples of common products

First and foremost, many edibles essentially look like candy. They will be small chews or gummies that have been infused with distillate. They often have flavors similar to candy, such as blue raspberry.

Drinks and beverages have also become popular. In fact, some see these as an alternative to having a beer. These drinks should say on the packaging how much THC is in each can or bottle.

Of course, you may have heard of people making their own edibles. This is often done with THC-infused cooking oils. People can buy the oil and add it to cookies, brownies or other such products.

Can you get arrested?

All of these different types of edibles can theoretically be purchased and used legally, at least in South Dakota, where recreational marijuana has been approved. That said, arrests do still happen when people make illegal transfers – such as selling the products to a friend – or when they use or possess these products while they’re underage. There can also be serious issues when people try to take edibles and other products outside of the state. As a result, it is important for those who use these products to understand their criminal defense options.