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3 ways to worsen a drug charge

If you discover the police are about to arrest you on suspicion of a drug-related crime you might panic. If you do that, you might end up doing something you regret, that makes your situation worse than it already is.

Here are some things you definitely do not want to do:

1. Fitting up someone else

You accept that you did wrong regarding drugs, you just never expected to get caught. So, you decide to lay the blame on someone else, perhaps doctoring things to make it look like they were to blame, not you. If the police discover this attempt to deceive, you can expect the prosecution and judge to come down even harder on you.

2. Destroying evidence

No evidence, no case to answer – at least that’s what you might think. Even if you get rid of all the drugs, the prosecution may still be able to secure a conviction through what’s known as circumstantial evidence. This can include witness testimony, video footage, DNA samples and more. If caught destroying evidence, you could face additional charges because of it.

3. Trying to prevent your arrest

It rarely goes well when someone tries to use force to stop the police from arresting them or even just runs away. If the police fear you are posing a threat to their safety or that of others you could easily end up severely injured or dead.

If you learn that the police want to arrest you, it’s best just to let them. Concentrate on getting legal help to examine your defense options, instead.