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A brief primer on South Dakota drug trafficking charges

Drug trafficking is a serious crime in all American regions, and the penalties can be quite severe. If the authorities catch you trafficking drugs, you could face years in prison and a large fine.

The specific consequences for drug trafficking in South Dakota depend on the type and amount of the substance involved in the incident. For example, the penalties for trafficking cocaine are much more severe than those associated with marijuana trafficking.

What actions can lead to drug trafficking charges?

You might imagine that you must be part of a massive drug trafficking ring to face harsh consequences, but that is not necessarily so. Even low-level offenders suspected of illegally trafficking drugs can face substantial penalties.

Here are 3 ways drug trafficking charges can arise:

  1. Possession with intent to distribute. Possessing certain amounts of controlled substances like cocaine or heroin can lead to trafficking charges if the authorities believe it’s more than what you could use on your own and you intend to distribute the drugs.
  2. Manufacturing drugs. Those caught manufacturing drugs on a relatively large scale could face drug trafficking or distribution charges.
  3. Transporting controlled substances. Drug trafficking charges often arise when the police catch someone transporting controlled substances, even if they did not intend to distribute them.

Remember that you need not hear the term “trafficking” in relation to your case to face potentially severe consequences. The authorities can still impose harsh penalties just for merely possessing hard drugs.

Legal guidance may help you avoid a conviction on drug charges. If it is not possible to overcome your situation entirely, representation could help you succeed in having your charges reduced.