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What to do when you are charged with domestic violence

A domestic violence charge can affect your life significantly. An intimate partner may accuse you of any form of this offense, be it physical, sexual, economic, emotional, and so on. 

Domestic violence is a sensitive matter – you can potentially face severe consequences. Therefore, you need to respond sooner when you learn of the allegation.

Here is what you should do:

Obtain more information 

You should obtain adequate information about the case. However, this does not mean contacting the accuser because anything you say can work against you. The police can provide you with the information you need, including the incident and if there is a restraining order. Doing this helps you know the evidence to gather and can save you from violations.

Gather evidence

Upon learning of the incident, you should write down everything you remember and preserve any evidence related to it. For instance, you should take photos of the scene and your injuries, if you sustained any. You should not destroy any evidence, even those you believe may disadvantage you.

Deactivate social media accounts

Discussing your case on social media or commenting on posts related to domestic violence can hurt your case. The other side will watch everything you post closely. Thus, it may be best to deactivate your accounts until your case is finalized.

Get legal help

As mentioned earlier, domestic violence is a critical matter. The charge has severe penalties, as the government is strict about protecting victims’ rights. You can possibly face them even if the allegation is false. Thus, you should get legal guidance sooner. 

If you are charged with domestic violence, you should be careful about the moves you make. It will help to get legal help to defend yourself.