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What should you expect from a criminal defense attorney?

If you have been arrested or are the subject of a criminal investigation, it’s important for you to have a strong defense in place as soon as possible. Most people will state that it’s helpful for you to at least speak with a criminal defense attorney, because they understand what it’s like to deal with the criminal justice system and are educated in law. They have the background needed to help you build a defense and to protect your rights throughout the investigation and case’s progress.

When you’re looking for a criminal defense attorney, there are a few things to expect from them. You should be looking for an attorney who:

  • Is responsive
  • Has an education in the area of law in which you’re dealing, such as criminal defense for cybercrimes or defense against drug crimes
  • Is comfortable to talk to
  • Is realistic about your options
  • Has a good reputation and history of success working on cases like yours

The right attorney will be someone whom you can trust to do all they can to protect your best interests.

What does a criminal defense attorney do for you?

Criminal defense attorneys have a few different jobs to do when they’re hired by a client. The normal daily tasks they go over include:

  • Contacting their client to conduct meetings or keep them updated
  • Going over case law, evidence and other information that may help them build the case
  • Looking into the strategies that may help them obtain the outcome they’re looking for
  • Taking notes
  • Talking to witnesses or others involved in the case

Your attorney will start from the ground up with your case. By building a solid foundation of supporting evidence and using the law to support your defense, they’ll aim to reduce the likelihood of you facing unfair penalties or treatment in court.

Interestingly, most cases do not end up in court. You may be offered a plea deal or be able to settle outside of court. Your attorney will discuss these possibilities with you, so you can better understand what to expect as your case moves forward.