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Can you share medical marijuana?

You have your medical marijuana card because you got a prescription from your doctor. This makes it legal for you to buy and use marijuana in a controlled fashion. 

As a college student, you’re used to living with roommates. Maybe you’re still in the dorms. Maybe you live in an off-campus apartment or a house that you and your friends rent together. Either way, there are always people around, and they often ask if you’ll share your medical marijuana with them. Can you do this legally or not? 

Like other prescription medications, sharing is prohibited

As you may have guessed, you cannot share marijuana with others. This is considered redistribution. Even though you’re not selling it, you could be charged if you’re caught. Yes, it was legal for you to buy marijuana in whatever form you chose — edibles, oil, etc — but that does not mean it is a legal substance for anyone to use. It is specifically and only for you, in whose name the prescription was written. 

This is similar to the way that other drugs and medications are controlled. When you read the fine print, everything from marijuana to painkillers and more says that it is only intended for the person whose prescription it is, and even well-intentioned sharing to help someone with a similar medical condition is illegal. If that person could benefit from it, they need to get their own prescription. 

What if you do get arrested?

A simple mistake, like letting a roommate try marijuana to see if it’s a good medication for them, could lead to criminal charges. If you get arrested, be sure you understand all of the legal options that you have.