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How long does intoxication from edibles last?

Many people who use marijuana products will smoke the plant itself. But there’s another category of products known as edibles, which are meant to be consumed. They typically contain a form of distillate, which has the THC for the body to process after consumption.

Edibles are much different than smoking. For one thing, they often take longer to kick in. Someone who smokes may feel the high after just a few minutes. But it takes time for the body to process the edible after consumption, so it could take anywhere from half an hour to three hours for it to kick in.

On top of that, edibles can last for hours even after the effects begin. Some reports claim that a user could feel high for six or more hours. It depends on how much of the product they took – edibles are measured in milligrams – and how often they use it. Chronic users will typically have a shorter high. 

How could this cause legal problems?

This is a major issue when it comes to impaired driving cases. After all, driver impairment comes from more than just alcohol. Someone who is under the influence of marijuana could certainly be arrested. It’s illegal to drive under the influence of cannabis. 

But if someone just had a beer, they may feel that it was completely out of their system roughly an hour later. It would be safe for them to drive. Someone who took an edible may not even be feeling the full effects after an hour — and may have five hours to go. This means it is much more likely for edibles to still be affecting someone’s driving long after they’ve been used, potentially triggering more impaired driving arrests. Those facing criminal charges must be sure they know what legal steps to take.