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Do people need a permit to carry a pistol in South Dakota?

Although many people rely on firearms as a source of personal protection, not all of them are practical for protection in pubic spaces. A pistol, as it’s referred to under South Dakota law, is a firearm that is compact enough for people to carry on a day-to-day basis, making it useful for those who have concerns about their safety.

Unlike rifles and shotguns, pistols are relatively easy for adults to conceal. There are even specialty holsters that fit inside someone’s clothing to allow them to comfortably and privately carry a pistol.

Those who can legally possess a pistol in South Dakota might want to bring it with them for personal protection when they go into public locations. Is a permit necessary to carry a concealed pistol in South Dakota?

South Dakota does not require permits

While many states do require those who own pistols to undergo special training and secure state certification to carry their pistols in public places, that is not the case in South Dakota. Individuals who can legally own pistols can also potentially carry them in public locations without any special permit.

However, some people cannot legally carry a pistol, such as those previously convicted of a crime or those struggling with substance abuse disorders. There are also limits on where people can bring their pistols. Concealed carrying is typically illegal at businesses that derive at least half of their income from alcohol sales, county courthouses, the state capital and primary and secondary schools.

Small mistakes with personal firearms could potentially lead to serious criminal charges. Understanding how South Dakota regulates pistols can benefit those accused of breaking the law or who want to carry a pistol for personal protection.