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Drunk people can’t actually gauge their own impairment

Most drivers, even when they know that they’re heading out to have a drink at the bar or a restaurant, will still tell you that they don’t plan to drive under the influence. They simply don’t think they’re going to drink enough that it would become a problem. If they do feel like they’ve gotten over the legal limit, they plan to find another way home.

These people may genuinely have the best of intentions. They do plan to find a different way home if they’re too impaired. But the issue may be that they honestly have no idea whether they are intoxicated or not.

Alcohol impairs judgment

One thing to remember is that alcohol itself is going to impair someone’s judgment. Because they are intoxicated, they are not in a position to determine just how impaired they are. The alcohol itself makes doing so impossible. Ironically, this means that the more intoxicated someone gets, the harder it will be for them to understand that they shouldn’t drive.

Making judgments based on others

Another thing to consider is that many people will judge their own intoxication compared to their peers. They compare themselves, without even meaning to, to the people around them. If everyone at the bar is incredibly intoxicated and it’s a party atmosphere, someone who is over the legal limit may think that they’re sober – but they’re actually just the most sober person in a crowd of people who shouldn’t drive.

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