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When can you be charged with drug conspiracy?

A drug conspiracy charge can be brought against anyone involved in a drug offense despite their level of involvement. This means that even low-level participants, such as couriers and lookouts, can be charged with drug conspiracy if they had knowledge of the drug activities and knowingly facilitated them.

Drug conspiracy charges are not to be taken lightly. You stand to face severe legal penalties if convicted, including hefty fines, lengthy jail terms and a permanent criminal record. Therefore, it is essential to understand the circumstances that can lead to a drug conspiracy charge and what you can do to safeguard your interests.

The elements of a drug conspiracy charge

A drug conspiracy hinges on an agreement between one or more individuals made with the intent to commit a drug-related crime. In addition, any of the persons involved must have taken a significant or overt step toward the commission of the crime.

It is important to note that the drug crime in question does not necessarily need to have occurred for you to be charged with drug conspiracy. All the prosecution needs to prove for a conviction is that you knowingly and intentionally planned or agreed to commit a drug-related crime, regardless of whether you executed your plans.

The potential penalties of drug conspiracy

Like with all other drug crimes, the penalties of a drug conspiracy charge depend on the schedule and amount of drugs involved, among other specifics of the offense. Under South Dakota law, you will face similar penalties to an actual commission of the drug offense if you are found guilty of drug conspiracy, and that can lead to significant fines and jail time.

Are you facing a drug-related offense?

With so much on the line when facing a drug-related offense, you cannot afford to sit back and await the outcome of your case. You could spend years behind bars if found guilty.

As such, it is in your best interests to seek legal counsel to protect your interests and increase the odds of a desirable verdict.