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2 reasons you could get arrested for a DUI after a big game

Maybe you are a college student and you get pulled over on your way home from attending a school basketball game. Perhaps you traveled across the state to attend a professional sporting event with friends, only to end up arrested and accused of a driving under the influence (DUI) offense.

People can get arrested for DUI infractions at any point on South Dakota roads, but those who have recently participated in high-profile events with large numbers of people attending may be at higher risk of encountering law enforcement on their drive home.

Why is your chance of a DUI arrest higher after major events?

Police are out in full force

There is a statistical correlation between large events that serve alcohol and increased crash risk. Concerts, major sporting events and even high school reunions could lead to a flood of impaired drivers on the road when the events finish.

Police departments frequently increase the number of officers in an area when there will be a large gathering, such as a big game at a college or a professional stadium. More officers patrolling both nearby and on the streets means a much greater risk of getting pulled over and arrested if you display some kind of impairment at the wheel.

Sobriety checkpoints are common when risks are higher

There won’t just be more officers patrolling on days when there are major events. There could also be a sobriety checkpoint set up on one of the major roads nearby. Although some people question the legality of sobriety checkpoints, the federal Supreme Court has affirmed that they do not innately violate the constitution.

Additionally, South Dakota frequently uses sobriety checkpoints or DUI roadblocks as a means of deterring impaired driving. Holidays and major sporting events might inspire a local police department to put together a roadblock.

Anyone accused of a DUI offense is potentially at risk of large fines, the loss of their driver’s license and even jail time. There are defense options available for those accused of drunk driving, and looking into all of those options will be key for someone who wants to avoid a conviction. Recognizing when your risk of DUI charges may be higher could help you make better choices about your personal driving habits.