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Can you transport legal drugs over state lines?

Those who are accused of drug trafficking or intent to distribute are sometimes caught while moving illegal drugs over state lines or across the country. It’s very clear that something like this is prohibited, and it can lead to more serious ramifications than simple possession charges.

But what you may be wondering is if there are any rules about legal drugs that you have. Is it the illegality of the substances that makes a difference? And if it is, does that mean that you can always cross state lines as long as the drugs you have with you are legal.

Prescription drugs

This is the case with prescription drugs, for example. Opioids are addictive painkillers that are often used recreationally, and they can be transported, sold and used in an illegal fashion. This is very common in the United States and has only been increasing.

However, someone with a proper prescription from a doctor can use opioids safely and legally. If you had surgery, for example, and you were given painkillers for your recovery, you don’t have to leave those painkillers at home just because you’re driving out of the state.

Recreational marijuana

Where things get complicated is with something like marijuana. Medical use is legal in South Dakota, along with many other states, and some states even have recreational marijuana that you can buy without any special medical card. It is legal for people to buy marijuana in these states, and it is legal for medical users to buy it in South Dakota.

However, you can’t transport marijuana over state lines. This is due to the fact that it is still illegal federally. The laws are shifting and changing, but you can still run into legal ramifications if you’re caught transporting it.

Additionally, all states do have their own marijuana laws. Just because you bought it legally in South Dakota doesn’t mean you can legally take it everywhere else. You’re bound by the laws of the state you enter. But, even if the other state also allows it, it’s still a federal offense to cross the border.

Are you facing charges?

If you do end up facing serious drug charges due to some sort of mistake, be sure you know what legal options you have.