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Can DUI blood tests be inaccurate?

When you have a blood test taken to test your blood for alcohol, you might think that there is little chance that the test could be wrong. In reality, it is possible for that test to be inaccurate, especially if the sample is not collected correctly.

There are a few different ways that you could end up with a blood test that has erroneous results. The first is through getting oxygen in with the blood, which can cause it to ferment. Another is if temperatures aren’t kept consistent, and the blood changes in consistency as a result. Faulty analysis is another risk, since it is possible for lab techs to use the wrong test tubes or to perform inaccurate tests with malfunctioning or uncalibrated equipment.

With a risk of inaccurate blood tests, it’s worth questioning the results

When you face a DUI, your attorney will ask to look at the results of blood tests. They will also want more information on how those samples were stored and to make sure that the correct mixtures and equipment were used when processing the samples.

Since blood can change in consistency and quality with changes in temperature and with exposure to air, you have to be sure that the samples were handled correctly. As an example of how erroneous handling could lead to problems, understand that if blood is exposed to air, yeast and bacteria, it can begin to ferment. Fermentation can lead to a higher blood alcohol content reading, even though you may not have been intoxicated.

What should you do if you think the blood test is inaccurate?

It’s valuable for you to work with your attorney to try to show that the tests should not be included as evidence. If there was a period of time when the tests were unaccounted for or you can show that they were not preserved or refrigerated correctly while waiting to be tested, then you may be able to show that those tests could be inaccurate.

Questioning the validity of DUI test results could help you reduce the risk of a conviction, and it is one option you can use with your defense.