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Can you let someone else borrow a gun?

You purchased all of your firearms legally and you know that you are allowed to take them to the range, to take them hunting, and other things of this nature.

But what happens if you invite someone else to go with you? Maybe you want to go target shooting and you’re tired of going alone. The person you’ve invited doesn’t own a gun. Can you let them borrow one of yours or is it illegal for them to possess it because they did not purchase it themselves? Is there anything you need to be wary of when loaning out a firearm?

You must know the other party’s legal standing

This is generally fine, and it does happen frequently. For instance, a father may loan his child a gun to teach him or her how to shoot at the range. A friend may loan another friend a firearm so that they can go on a hunting trip together. There are many examples of this and it doesn’t necessarily violate any laws.

What you want to watch out for is accidentally loaning one to someone who is not legally allowed to have a gun. For instance, someone who has a felony on their record is prohibited from possessing a firearm. This doesn’t mean they are prohibited from owning it. They’re not allowed to possess one at all. If you let them borrow yours, it still belongs to you, but they are still in violation of the law if they carry it or use it.

If you do make a mistake in a situation like this, you could face legal charges for violating these laws, perhaps either at the state or federal level. These are very serious charges and you must know what legal defense options you have. Don’t let a single mistake define your life.