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What makes a police officer think that you’re high?

You can face impaired driving charges if you drive while under the influence of marijuana. Being high while you drive is still considered a serious means of impairment, and DUIs are not only given out to those who are drunk behind the wheel. It is true that the majority of DUI cases focus on alcohol, but not all. 

A lot of these traffic stops begin for a very different reason. Maybe the officer thinks that you were speeding or watches as you switch lanes without using your turn signal. They pull you over, and then they decide they think you may be impaired while talking to you. What is it that’s going to make them think that you’re high during this conversation? 

The role of field sobriety tests 

The officer may start by simply seeing if they can smell marijuana in the car or checking to see if your eyes look red and watery. But then they may move on to field sobriety tests. 

For instance, some officers have asked people to close their eyes and wait for 30 seconds. Someone who is not impaired will be roughly close to the right time. However, some of those using marijuana have reportedly waited about 90 seconds before deciding that the time was up, while people using methamphetamines have occasionally waited a mere 15 seconds. If the person’s judgment of time is vastly different than reality, this suggests some level of impairment and may lead to more field sobriety tests. 

If you’ve been arrested, it is very important to understand all of your defense options.