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3 possible license consequences of a DUI conviction

A conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) in South Dakota comes with numerous possible penalties. If you could face jail time or probation, along with steep fines, if the state convicts you. You might also find yourself facing licensing consequences after an impaired driving charge.

The more consequences you have, the greater the chance of your criminal charges impacting your career, your social life and your financial future. There are three different kinds of licensing consequences that drivers accused of drunk driving could face after an arrest in South Dakota.

The loss of your driver’s license

Losing your license is a standard penalty for impaired driving. A first offense could mean that you face the suspension of your license for up to 30 days. That could increase to up to access for subsequent offenses, with fourth offenses leading to a three-year suspension.

Losing your driver’s license could affect your ability to get to work and provide for your family. It could also affect your career development, especially if you ever have to drive your personal vehicle while performing your job duties.

The loss of your commercial driver’s license

Your license to drive a commercial vehicle depends on your compliance with traffic laws not just on the job but also in your own vehicle. Commercial drivers are subject to stricter behavioral regulations than those who just drive their own personal vehicles.

The state could arrest you for a DUI for a blood alcohol concentration half the legal limit for other drivers while you are in a commercial vehicle. More concerning perhaps is the fact that you could lose your eligibility for your commercial license even if the DUI infraction occurs in your personal vehicle and not a commercial truck.

The loss of professional licensing not related to driving

Many professions require licensing in South Dakota. These include nurses and even barbers. If the board that licenses your profession learns about your offense, they might call you in for a disciplinary hearing that results in the loss of your licensing. Even if you avoid immediate censure after a conviction, you could lose your license when the time comes to renew it in a few years.

Understanding the far-reaching potential consequences of a DUI conviction might motivate you to fight back and protect your future.