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Why vaping alcohol isn’t a “safe” alternative to drinking it

Some people are always looking for new and different ways to consume alcohol. Vaping is a popular one. The traditional vape pen is one way to vape alcohol. There are also some more expensive devices you might see at parties or find online to purchase yourself.

One reason that vaping alcohol is popular is that people typically feel the effects more quickly than when they drink it. Another is that you don’t actually “taste” it. If you like the feeling that a few shots of whiskey give you, but you can’t stand the taste, vaping might seem like the perfect solution.

Vaped alcohol will show up on a breath test

Unfortunately, too many people assume that it won’t show up on a breath test if the police pull them over if they inhale alcohol instead of drinking it. That’s not true. It’s highly dangerous to drive after vaping alcohol, in part because you may not know exactly how much you’ve consumed. Further, vaped alcohol will show up on any Breathalyzer-type equipment, including an ignition interlock device (IID), if you have one installed in your car.

When you drink alcohol, it goes to into your digestive system, just as anything else you eat or drink does. When you vape it, it goes straight into your lungs. So when you blow into that Breathalyzer, if you’re stopped for suspicion of DUI, you can be sure it will detect it.

Regardless of what route alcohol takes through your body, if a police officer determines that you’re too impaired to drive (and particularly if a breath test or other field sobriety tests lend credence to that belief), you could find yourself charged with DUI. It’s crucial that you understand the seriousness of a DUI charge and that you have experienced legal guidance to protect your rights.