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Study drugs can lead to big problems for college students

When teens and young adults move onto campus, they may quickly find that schooling at the university level is much more intensive than in high school. They live, eat and party with their classmates. They also have a significant amount of homework to do each day.

Study drugs are often used by students looking to stay awake longer, focus harder and get more done. Unfortunately, these are not legal despite often being prescription medications. Taken incorrectly or by the wrong person, they could lead to serious side effects, too.

Is it legal to take prescription drugs to focus?

Legally speaking, it is not legal to possess a prescription that belongs to another person. If you take a drug like Adderall, a common attention deficit hyperactivity disorder medication, but do not have a prescription, you’re breaking the law. Even if that medication helps you get more done, you’re putting yourself at risk of a serious drug charge

Why do people take stimulants that don’t belong to them?

Adderall is a stimulant medication and should not be taken by someone who hasn’t been diagnosed with ADHD. People do, though, for many reasons ranging from wanting to lose weight to the need for more energy to get their work done. These drugs have the potential to be addictive and to cause serious symptoms when they interact with alcohol or other medications. 

What should you do if you’re accused of illegal drug possession?

If you are accused of possessing a study drug, it’s imperative to work with a strong legal defense. These charges could hurt your ability to stay at your school, retain scholarships or continuing in your preferred field of study. If you’re facing charges, speak to an experienced defense attorney today.