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Legislation seeks to expand domestic violence gun restrictions

If someone accuses you of domestic violence, it could result in restrictions to your gun rights. Current federal legislation restricts you from owning a gun if convicted of domestic violence against a domestic partner, such as a spouse. Newly proposed legislation would include convictions for violence against a boyfriend or girlfriend. Whether a current one or an ex.

Restrictions on gun rights are not the only consequences of domestic violence convictions. A court could place a protective order to keep you away from your accuser. They could take the case into account when deciding on child custody. That could limit your rights to see your children. If you breach a protective order or a court finds you guilty of assault, it could result in jail time.

How can you defend against domestic violence allegations?

Here are some potential lines of defense to accusations of domestic violence:

  • The allegations are false: People can and do make things up. They may see accusing you as a way to remove you from their lives or to exert control over you in some way. To prove an accusation, they will need evidence to back up their statements. If the evidence is questionable, you may be able to walk out of court with the allegations dismissed.
  • You were acting in self-defense: Arguments can get out of hand. You may admit that you hit your partner. Yet, if you only did so because they pulled a knife on you or were attacking you with their fists, a jury may find your actions justified.

The most important thing when facing allegations of domestic violence is to get legal help. The chances of success if you go it alone are minimal. There is far more at stake for your future than your right to own a gun.