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25-year-old man arrested after fleeing across state lines

When a driver decides to flee from the police, they put themselves at a greater risk of being arrested and charged for criminal acts. In a case that began in Iowa but ended in South Dakota, a 25-year-old man allegedly fled in a stolen vehicle before crossing the state line.

The incident began when the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office began to pursue the individual in Iowa. They ended their pursuit as the chase entered into South Dakota, which is where the Lincoln County deputies continued the pursuit.

The authorities reported reaching speeds of up to 110 mph during the chase. The vehicle was finally stopped at an intersection in Chancellor, however.

Fleeing from the police may lead to penalties

Fleeing from the police and leading them on a high-speed chase is never a good idea. What may have been a typical traffic stop may turn into an arrest with significant charges as a result.

For instance, in this case, the 25-year-old man now faces charges including possessing stolen property and DUI. Your case may be different.

What should you do if you’re accused of fleeing from the police or other criminal charges?

Any time you face criminal charges, you should know that the penalties could be severe. It is worth taking the time to understand what you’ve been charged with and how the penalties could impact your life. Then, your attorney can help you understand the best ways to defend yourself in court and can help you fight the charges. A good defense could help you prevent lasting damage to your reputation as well as unfair penalties.