Defend Your Freedom Against A Protective Order

Courts often place protective orders in the good intentions of protecting people from other dangerous people. They act as a necessary path that people take when any other option has failed them. Although a protective order generally is not a harmful method of protecting an individual, they are not foolproof.

We at Kolbeck Law Office know that sometimes, a protective order can cause unforeseen problems. While an order might keep you away from another person, like an ex-spouse, it can also keep you from seeing your kids if they live with your ex-spouse. It can also keep you from living in your own home. We can help you fight to get the protective order lifted, letting you see your kids and home again.

Violating A Protective Order

Sometimes, people make mistakes and violate a protective order. When this happens, penalties for doing this can include community service, fines and even jail time. Cases like this aren't always black and white. If you violated a protective order, you can defend yourself from penalties with a proper lawyer. We have extensive experience in representing clients in these matters. We can fight for you to reduce penalties, or possibly have the charges dropped. Our goal is to give you the best possible outcome in your case.

Effective Protective Orders Defense — Let Us Fight For You

Here in South Dakota, violating a protective order can come with serious consequences. You do not have to take the consequences without a fight. If you are defending against a violation charge, or if you are looking to have an order lifted, we can help. Contact our Sioux Falls criminal defense law office by calling 605-306-4384. Call today to set up your free initial consultation with an experienced SD attorney to talk about the steps in getting an order lifted.