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A Strong Defense Attorney Against Assault Charges

When tensions rise between two people, a heated argument can turn into violence very quickly. It can be hard to remember all the events and what order they happened in. The next thing you know, you are the one who the police arrested on assault charges.

If this has happened to you or a loved one, you need an aggressive SD attorney who can fight to protect your freedom. We at the Kolbeck Law Office know how much is at stake with this kind of charge, which is why we work so hard to protect our clients.

Getting The Facts Straight

When we defend against assault charges, we want to make sure we know everything that happened. The best way to do this is by seeing what happened. To do this, we gather any footage available. Whether the alleged assault happened at a bar or hotel, we will hunt down any camera footage of the event. This kind of evidence can be the critical difference between proving innocence and receiving a guilty conviction. The sooner we get our hands on this kind of evidence, the better your case can go.

Do Not Leave Your Future At Risk

Our criminal defense attorney, Ryan Kolbeck, was born and raised right here in South Dakota, and he is ready to represent his fellow citizens. You do not have to face your aggravated assault or sexual assault charges alone. If you or a loved one is facing assault charges, get a lawyer immediately. You can call our Sioux Falls office at 605-306-4384. Contact us today, and set up a free consultation.