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Defense Attorney for Distribution And Civil Forfeitures

With so many states legalizing recreational marijuana, more and more people are driving to these states to purchase marijuana legally. If they are driving through South Dakota while in possession of a lot of marijuana, they are risking more than you might expect. Because marijuana is still illegal here in South Dakota, if an officer pulled you over and found weed in your possession, police and prosecutors will likely claim the drugs or paraphernalia you were transporting were obviously for sale to others.

Now your plans to have a personal supply of drugs have turned into federal trafficking charges. Because of this, SD police will often use a civil forfeiture to legally seize your car. At Kolbeck Law Office, I do not see why the law should salt your wound by taking your car as well, which is why I can help fight these charges and let you keep your car.

Make Sure They Do Not Keep Your Car For Good

Normally, the seizure of your vehicle is only temporary if you have a loan on your car, but in my experience, if you have paid your car off, the police will try to keep it. I do not believe that they should get away with trying to earn income for their jurisdiction with your car, which is why I will do everything possible to keep your car in your possession.

Let’s Fight For Your Rights

Distribution charges can have consequences that last a lifetime. Do not hold anything back when planning your drug distribution defense. Get a lawyer right away who can defend you at both the state and federal level. Contact me at 605-937-8376 today, and set up a free consultation at my Sioux Falls office.