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Defend Yourself From Internet-Based Sex Crime Charges

An internet-based sex crime may not always seem like you are committing a serious crime, but the consequences can haunt you for the rest of your life. Whatever the circumstances of your charges, you need to make sure you get a lawyer who can get you the best possible outcome in your case. At Kolbeck Law Office in SD, I have extensive experience in defending clients in these types of cases and know what it takes to put you in the best possible position.

What Qualifies As An Internet-Based Sex Crime

If both you and your significant other are minors and participate in sexting, any exchange of pornographic material legally counts as child pornography, even if both participants are minors. Any kind of inappropriate photos stored on computers, transmitted by computer and other communication devices like cellphones qualifies as an internet-based sex crime. Regardless of the nature of your intentions, even asking your significant other to participate in sexting can count as solicitation of a minor for sex.

Charges like this are extremely serious, and although the best-case scenario is to get the court to drop the charges, that isn’t always the case. When dropping charges is off the table, I will fight to mitigate the consequences. Avoiding jail time or the court listing you as a sexual predator is a primary goal when we cannot get the criminal charges dropped.

Let Me Fight To Protect You Against Harsh Prosecution

If you or a loved one is facing sex crime charges for online actions involving minors, or for possessing images of children or teenagers of a sexual nature, you still have options. I will fight to protect your rights. Contact my Sioux Falls office today by calling 605-937-8376 for a free consultation to begin defending yourself and your future.